POWER EXPRESS – Beckman Coulter

Combined with our state-of-the-art analyzers and revolutionary clinical IT solutions, Power Express provides a total lab automation solution that maximizes uptime, minimizes errors, and gives your lab optional workflow without the work.

  • Prior to automation, the 90th percentile turnaround time for basic metabolic panels (BMPs) was 60 minutes. With the implementation of Power Express, analysis time for BMPs went down to only 27 minutes – a 55% reduction.
  • The fastest processing speed, spin time and unloading allows specimens to route to the analyzers in under 12 minutes in order to expedite sample analysis.
  • End-to-end synced throughput from outlet to inlet
  • Flexibility to grow your lab with modular instruments and connections
  • Freedom to connect third party analyzers
  • Chemistry, immunoassay, hematology, and coagulation analyzers consolidated onto one automation line
  • Ability to connect to Beckman Coulter’s best-in-class chemistry and immunoassay analyzers


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