BC•ROBO – TechnoMedica


Concept of BC•ROBO®

BC•ROBO®, invented and developed by TechnoMedica, is an automated system for selection and labeling blood collection tubes by LIS or HIS order.

  • The system produces kits with correct tubes and correct barcode labels along with a work list.
  • The BC•ROBO® guarantees an error free work flow of all processes.
  • Higher quality and more safety in the lab are ensured.
  • A high speed work flow will always be guaranteed both in the inpatient and in the outpatient divisions.
  • Furthermore the system perfectly suits clinical trials or sample send out.

Advantages of BC•ROBO® system are,

  • Eliminates patient mix-up.
  • Eliminates discrepancy between test and selected tubes.
  • Reduces barcode reading errors.
  • Shortens turn around time.
  • Less patient waiting time. Less queuing leads to patient comfort.
  • Increases production.

Hotline 24/7:

1900 23 23 11